Preservation. Reversibility. Restoration.

“The most important thing when approaching a restoration, is the preservation of the original wood and varnish of the instrument as well as the reversibility of everything we do. The instrument needs to be structurally sound, in an optimum playable condition and look right, so there is a compromise to be had but the intervention should always be as minimal as possible.” Iris Carr



Crack Repair Course
Violin Neck Graft Course


“Recently, I had to have some major surgery on my precious viola. Having spent a year looking around, visiting many luthiers, I was finally put in touch with the brilliant and charming Iris Carr. From the outset she made me feel very secure and positive about the rather terrifying operation she was about to perform. She was easy to talk to and always kept me up to date on how things were going along. The finished work was of the very highest standard; she has a wonderful eye and left my viola looking even more elegant than before. I feel like I’ve finally found someone to look after my instrument in the long term. Iris is a treasure and I highly recommend her work.”

Paul Cassidy, The Brodsky Quartet

“In Iris I see an ‘intelligent restorer’. Highly experienced now, having been expertly guided in her early years. Having worked alongside her, bench to bench, I witnessed first hand her accuracy, speed, dexterity and knowledge. A powerful but necessary combination of skills needed to carry out the most complex of restorations. It is indeed a challenge for me to find any better than Iris. Her approach is well rounded and thoughtful, respecting the instrument throughout, and delivering pure quality on all levels.”

Judith Blackwell, Founder and Secretary of the Rowan Armour-Brown Trust and Independent Violin Restorer

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