iris carr – Restorer of fine Violins, Violas & Cellos

In 1996 I graduated from the Newark School of Violinmaking with distinction and was offered a position at Charles Beare’s Shop in London

There my training in restoration of violins, violas and cellos started and it was a privilege to be taught by some of the best craftspeople in the profession and be surrounded by and work on some of the finest instruments.

In 2004, after 8 years of working for Charles’s Shop, I started up my own business specialising in major restorations of violins, violas and cellos. The main bulk of my work comes from violin dealers but also directly from musicians worldwide.

Since my self-employment in 2004, my restorations have included examples from makers such as Stradivari, Amati, Bergonzi, Joseph Guarnerius, S. & G. Seraphin, Gabrielli, Balestrieri, Gagliano, Bellosio, Gobetti, Testore, Rocca, Landolfi, Goffriller, Lupot, Postiglione, Siani, Tecchler, Rogeri and many more.

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