“I’ve had two instruments restored by Iris. Her work is of the very highest standard. My instruments have been sympathetically restored both structurally and cosmetically and sound better than ever. Iris is a joy to work with, her feedback and planning are meticulous and the timetabling of works sympathetically managed with budget planning made easy. I cannot recommend her highly enough and will definitely be using her again in the future.”

John Thorne, Professor of Viola

“We’ve had Iris Carr as a guest instructor at Oberlin Restoration twice, and we look forward to having her back again. Iris is a rare combination of exceptional restorer and exceptional teacher. Our participants have benefited from her years of experience and her very straightforward approach to the restoration process. In our present time of fewer and fewer training shops, Iris’ teaching ability is a much-needed commodity.”

Jerry Lynn, Co-Admin VSA Oberlin Violin Restoration Workshop

“Iris is without doubt a violin restorer of the highest order and like many of my colleagues, I am so glad to have found her here in Suffolk. Iris looks after my fine contemporary cello with the utmost level of respect, care and attention to detail. In fact, the thought and confidence with which she approaches all aspects of her work, and to each instrument which crosses her workbench, is a constant reassurance when I have left my precious musical partner in her capable hands. I would entrust any job to her, especially after having seen several of the long term and detailed restoration projects she has been working on when I have visited her workshop. Iris has set-up my cello beautifully, taking into account my instrument, playing style and requests as a player. As well as ongoing maintenance, Iris has recently carried out some varnish work on my cello – so good that it is invisible! Expertise, kindness, efficiency and understanding.”

Christopher Slatter, Cellist

“I spent 5 days at Iris Carr’s workshop. She introduced tools she uses, such as brushes used for retouching. She explained the purpose of each brush and educated me on topics such as the type of glue suitable for cracks and the shape of scrapers. She also introduced how to imitate the texture of the surface before a retouching process and thus ensure that the texture approximates the original instrument after colouring. Iris has given me much knowledge of the practice and technology of restoration. She is a great inspiration to me.”

Lingtzu Chen, Newark School of Violin Making

“Iris was very generous with her time and introduced me to many materials and techniques that were new to me: we made a cast of the back of the pegbox using car body filler, with 25 micron foil as a separator, which has the advantage over plaster that you can add filler where the cast has a dip, as well as scrape high points. The back of the pegbox was so thin that I was able to correct the cast and steam the wood to restore its shape, prior to building up its thickness. It was a fascinating week and I am very grateful to Iris for all her help.”

Julian Page, Newark School of Violin Making

“I want to thank the Rowan Armour-Brown Trust for providing me with the incredible opportunity to undertake an invaluable week of work experience with Iris Carr. The opportunity of work experience with Iris Carr has ignited my passion for Violin restoration and repair to the next level. She has inspired me to work at a much higher and professional standard through keen observation and taking time to work effectively and efficiently. Her warm, generous and careful instruction has shown me the importance of sharing knowledge with others.”

Miranda Scott, Newark School of Violin Making

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