Online Course Available Now

“Online training is not less valuable than in-person training.”  

Nine months ago, this realisation led to my initial idea of creating an online course in violin restoration.  I am excited to be able to finally launch my  Online Violin Neck Graft Course today.  I hope that this course will become a valuable teaching resource for professional violin restorers at any stage of their career, Violin Shops and Schools. 

The course is professionally filmed and edited, available with English, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish subtitles and forms 25 chapters.  The course  consists of two parts which can be bought separately. There is a discount if both parts are bought together and there is also an option to receive content and pay in installments over six months.  All prices shown are exclusive of VAT.
Please visit my online course website for more information.

Best wishes to you and yours and stay safe,


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