Top Block Area

I am always particularly concerned about the gluing surface of the upper block area of the front as well as the immediate area below it as it’s so important for the stability of the neck and elevation.

I don’t like the sudden drop down from the gluing surface but prefer a more gradual increase in thickness. In some cases it’s sufficient to strengthen the area with a longer stud below the gluing surface but in this instance I had to fit a larger patch than usual after fitting an L-edge replacement on both sides of the neck cut-out.


  1. Nice work! (as all of yours!!) ¿Wich is the thickness of the original table wood left under the patch? Is it similar to a sound post patch?


    1. Thank you Alberto! I hardly removed any of the original wood in that area when preparing it for the patch as it was just a matter of strengthening it and having a more gradual increase to the gluing surface.


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