BVMA Conference at Halsway Manor

The BVMA Conference at Halsway Manor last weekend was an absolute treat.

Fantastic talks by Peter Ratcliff, Boris Kucharsky, Evan Orman and Tim Baker, Andreas Pahler and Andrew Ryan.

On top of that we had the earliest known Antonio Stradivari from 1666 and the “Turkish” del Gesu violin to look at and to listen to as well as Boris’ “Baron Knoop” Bergonzi violin he has been playing for 32 years.

Boris gave a wonderful concert on Saturday night and spent endless hours playing on different bows that had just been finished during a bow course leading up to the weekend. He also played the Strad and the Del Gesu as well some new instruments today.

Congratulations to everyone involved in making this event happen – it’s been a lot of hard work that most definitely paid off in every way! Thank you!

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