Fitting A Large Patch

The “letterbox” restoration continued with chalk-fitting a large patch into the patch bed.

For those of us who haven’t got a CNC machine (yet), fitting a patch is laborious and time-consuming work.

I was relieved that the area was sitting tightly in the cast after pressing, which makes the chalk-fitting of the patch so much easier.

I found a nice old piece of wood for my large patch, started the rough fit on the disc sander, using chalk in my patch from the start, then continuing with a chisel and then my scraper.

The scraper will eventually shape the patch with any undulations from the bed area copied across to the patch.

I glue-sized the patch towards the end and then did the final fit with my scraper before gluing.

I’m very relieved that the area is now completely secure and it’s good to leave the patch solid for a while before cutting it down.

As I’m teaching a retouching course for Aladfi next week at Villefavard, that was good timing. 😅 🇫🇷

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