The “Letterbox” Restoration

The letterbox restoration story continued from my previous posts.

I took a few shavings with my large jack plane, trying to get a decent thickness, but it still has to be nice and flexible, around 0.25mm. I wet them to flatten them.

Positioning the shaving across the patch.

Cutting the shaving to fit inside the patch and temporarily fixing it on with tape.

Matching the grain, viewed from the inside and outside.

As the patch area is really large, the counter-form had to be chalk-fitted along the gluing surface of the shaving to give maximum pressure in the right area.

Cutting dense foam material to the size of the counter form.

Getting ready to apply the glue to the gluing surface with the tape acting as a hinge.

Making sure the surrounding area is tightly pressed into the cast, the shaving gets pressed and glued in.

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